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Golden Bee 


GOLDEN BEE, established by Nicolas GARNIER, mixes decorative styles providing unique and elegant character to broad interiors, creating comfort and well- being. To accomplish this, Nicolas uses natural material like precious wood and stone, linen and wool, polished metals and ceramics. He chooses colors with great care and creates an environment of refinement and coziness, always respectful of his client’s tastes and preferences.


Nicolas GARNIER has worked for nearly a decade in decorative painting. His taste and creativity has allowed him to work with world-class interior designers. From these collaborations, he became more and more interested in interior design and has been successful providing his services in this field that include the moving and installation of a home in Upstate New York and creating original décor for an apartment in Manhattan.

In addition, Nicolas is a set designer for Southold Opera. His sets include, La Bohème de Puccini, La vie Parisienne d’Offenbach and Tenorrrissimo on Broadway. 

Today, Nicolas is using his talents in Interior Design at GOLDEN BEE to create and to reimagine interiors for his clients. 


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